We specialise in the development of bespoke, automated analysis pipelines that are tailoured for your requirements.

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Who are our customers?

We work with any public- or private-funded organisation that has a need for precision data analysis.  We have either worked or formed working relationships with organisations based all across the world, including USA, India, England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, France, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Cyprus, Poland, and The Netherlands.

What is clinical bioinformatics?

Whilst bioinformatics is mainly about the application of computational and statistical techniques to biological data, clinical bioinformatics is particularly related to the application of these to biological data deriving from clinical environments. Such data typically requires a different analysis approach, as it can be of a highly sensitive nature and may even be governed and/or protected by law.  Clinical data results also require a different level of interpretation, as the impact of the results can be great.